Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Well, I got Clue 1 all done on the Mystery Stole and.......no sir, I don't like it. (I know I said I did, a couple of posts down, but it was the colour I realllly liked!)

I initially thought it was my colour choice, hence restarting with the Grape Jelly colour. Then I actually finished Clue 1. Instead of feeling "Yippee Skippee" about it, for want of a better term, all I could think was, "Ughh. Two more clues worth of charts for this thing??" I knew then it wasn't the colour, it was the design. I really, really don't like it. And I will tell you what, my friends, life's just too feckin' short.

I spent years knitting things for people that I didn't want to, and I hated every second of making most of them, and all because I wanted to be nice. Well, I'm still a nice person, but no more "orders" unless you show me some dead presidents first. From now on, I make whatever I want to however I want to, when I am in the mood to make it! If someone admires it, I have no problem gifting it to them. If they want to learn how to make it themselves, even mo' bettah. But I am fecking DONE churning out stuff I hate, in colours I hate after hating every minute of making it just to please people who don't/won't/can't appreciate it.

So there.


Diane said...

Well, at least, you have come to this realization after just clue #1. When in doubt, don't do it.

Now, you will have time freed up to knit something you want to do. But, since you are on the MS3 list, you will have access to the images of the stoles that everyone else does. You may find that you may want to try it again when it is all said and done.

If not - that is perfectly fine

Have a great evening.

av knits said...

I always support someone who's not afraid to rethink! I'm still having fun with MS3, so I'll keep plugging away...