Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I washed my hair!

...Sort of. Actually, what I washed was the alpaca yarn I finished spinning yesterday, and blogged about right below this post. So, here it is after having a gentle bath in lavender hair conditioner, and hung up, rather ingloriously, in my shower, with some spray bottles for weights:

And here's a closeup:


LDSVenus said...

Isn't it exciting to finally have the skein finished, I can usually hardly wait for it to dry so I can twist it up into a skein. :) Your's looks nice and soft. I have some alpaca roving in my stash that I will now need to try after I finish the merino I am spinning. You're such an enabler!! :P

pat said...

Why do you have to put weights on the skeins? I've never done that.

I made some socks out of alpaca, which I spun myself. I put in a lot of twist -- I mean, a LOT of twist in the singles -- and then did a 3 ply to make them more sturdy. But alpaca doesn't have much elasticity, so I did a rib pattern throughout the sock to give it some stretch. They sure are soft!!

So, what's your next project with this yarn??

Liz Lafferty, Fiber Addict said...

I put the weights on when it was still very wet to take some of the extra twist out - it was VERY kinky! It's for a project for my husband, but he hasn't decided what he wants yet. :-)