Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rainbows aren't always a good thing!

Ugh - I relented on my Mexicana ban and knitted someone THE WORLD'S MOST HIDEOUS TIE:

(Please note that even when making a hideous tie, I add fashionable details like a tail-loop on the back side of the monstrosity)


B-Jo said...

I LOVE IT!!! I know you;re thinking I'm crazy for liking such hideous yarn, but I have always liked it ever since I was little!! I'll have to pay you to make my husband a tie, that'd be great, although he wouldn't like the mexicana colors, something Irish or for Navy would better suit him. I'm glad to see the elders are doing so well with their newly acquired talents. I must say I love the camo yarn too. I can use the crochet looms and made my nephew bootie socks and a scarf, my brother a hat, and a hat for my cousin, all out of the camo yarn! I'll keep up, this is neat!


Liz Lafferty, Fiber Addict said...

Hi b-jo! I'd love to make a tie for your hubby! I am making a tie from rayon ribbon in mixed blues for Elder Knight, who did NOT get a funky/ugly tie, and I will post piccies of that one later today!