Sunday, August 5, 2007

A worthwhile summer project

Knit a 7" afghan square (well, make LOTS of them!) for the "Miles of Hugs" campaign by Project Linus. Just click on the Links below to learn more. They will also be up soon as permanent banners on the left sidebar as well.

When you visit the Miles of Hugs site, be sure to download their free pdf sheet of patterns for 7" squares! If you crochet, you will find Project Linus crochet patterns Here.

This time of year, with the heat and humidity bearing down on us, it's hard to think of winter and those who may not be warm enough, but a little love and needle time now will really make a difference then - and 7" squares are a great little project when it's hot - they're over quick, and there isn't a lot of hot, heavy yarn in your lap!

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