Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A New, Free Pattern, Just for Halloween!

Or Samhain, if you will! I designed a simple, quick and easy stole to celebrate the season! You can download a PDF version here:

Fast & Easy Halloween Stole

For those who can't read PDFs on their computer, the entire pattern is posted below - enjoy!

Fast & Easy Halloween Stole

By Liz Lafferty

2007 by Liz Lafferty. Feel free to share this pattern – as long as this copyright notice is included! Thanks.)


Worsted weight yarn: (2) 3.5 oz skeins each of black, orange & yellow

Crochet hook size “L” (8mm), tapestry needle for weaving in ends.

Size: Approximately 24” X 72” (I'm 5' 10”. You might want to only make yours 60” long)

Gauge: Not crucial. You can adjust the width of the stole by the length of the starting chain, and the length of the stole by fastening off when it's the length you want! Just remember to end with black.


Row 1-3: Half double crochet (hdc) in each st across. Ch 2, turn. At end of row 3: ch 1, turn.

Row 4: Working in back loops only for row 4: Single crochet (sc) in each st across. Ch 2, turn.

Beginning with black, ch 64. Hdc in 3rd ch from hook, then continue in pattern. (60 sts).

How many repeats of the pattern you work with each colour is up to you – I worked 2 repeats of each. No matter how many repeats you do, however, the colour pattern is the same:





Note: Make sure to end your stole with black!

When you reach 60” or your desired length, fasten off and weave in all ends.

Optional 1: You may work a border in black (or whatever colour you fancy!) around your finished stole if you like. A simple one would be to hdc all 'round, working 3 hdc in each corner.

Optional 2: I don't do fringe, but you certainly may if you like! Sometimes I do a chain fringe on the end which is done like so: Attach yarn at corner of one of the short edges. Ch 30, then slip stitch (ss) in the same place you started. Ss one row end, then ss, ch 30, ss all in the next row end. Repeat across end of stole then fasten off and repeat on other end of stole.

If you find any errors, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know! You can email me at: shifty.frog@gmail.com


Riohnna said...

I have definitely got to put this on my to - do list! Thank you!!!!

Liz Lafferty, Fiber Addict said...

You're very welcome! Send me a pic!