Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A HUGE Thank you!

...To Kathleen C., a reader of this blog - I know, I know, but there are actually a few people who read this thing - who sent me a box full of hand made hats and scarves for donation to the Pine Ridge Reservation! They are all just lovely, and VERY much appreciated - by me and by the heads which will be warm and snuggly this winter! Here are some pics of her items:

The pic of the scarf is a little too dark, sorry!

The colours are fab, and I love the i-cord top on the striped hats! So again - THANK YOU, KATHLEEN! And to anyone else who is even thinking about making some hats or scarves or mittens - GO FOR IT! As always, I'll happily take them and send them off to Pine Ridge!

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Kathleen C. said...

Glad they made it on time! Thanks for letting me help out with your helping out.