Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Birthday Booty!

No, not my butt, my prezzies! Yesterday's blog had the sock yarn and needles that Dan gave me, but he also gave me a Sizzix "Big Kick" die cutting machine - it's for card making - I do NOT, nor will I ever "scrap book"! ANyhow this is what it looks like:

Then I got TWO prezzies from my kids, Emma & her husband, Jay! First up, two books I had coveted heavily:

On the left is "Mary, Queen of Scots Paper Dolls" (LOVE paper dolls, especially historic ones!)

On the right is the first Barbara Walker knitting pattern "dictionary". (I've coveted THAT one for 20 years!)

Next came a box SO big the FedEx guy called me first to make sure I was home. When he finally got it up here, Zowie immediately claimed it for the kingdom of Cute & Fuzzy:

And this was inside!

I was literally speechless - I know, I know, write that one down! But as my neuropathy, FMS & CFIDS are all progressing, sometimes I can't walk very well and miss out on a lot. With this, I will be able to go and visit my daughter, or to fiber fests, or Sturbridge Village, and actually stay long enough to enjoy all of it! THANK YOU, EMMA & JAY!!!

Then my mother in law took Dan & I out to dinner,followed by a home-made peanut butter ice cream cake! Mmmmmmm, peanut butter ice cream! She also gave me an absolutely pimpin' pair of pink Crocs:

I wore them out last night with these:

(These are also made from the "Broadripple Socks Pattern" I blogged about yesterday)
They looked bitchin', as we used to say! (It's a good thing, like "pimpin'" is now)

All in all, I raked in some prime swag! I am SO grateful to everyone for all the prezzies, of course, but also for the caring and love and time they put into giving me a FABOO day!

P.S. - In the interests of fair play, and to prevent jealousy, here's a pic of Duke, too:


shortoldlady said...

Happy Birthday continued! You are so lucky to have such loving family and friends! I know how the wheelchair can be such a great thing - got one for my mom a couple years ago - it let her get back to doing normal things - like going to the store and browsing and being included! ENJOY!!!!

Liz Lafferty, Fiber Addict said...

Thank you very much!