Monday, March 17, 2008

I am SO freakin' HAPPY!

It's about time, right? Now to the reasons:

1 - It's St. Patrick's Day!!! I am a little over half Irish and I married a man named Lafferty - I am SO freakin' entitled to wear green!

2. I decided I wanted to make something BIG out of my own handspun - all I'd done so far was some socks, some hats and a few bags. And as I love shawls, well, that's what I settled on! I had enough Border Leicester spun, but it was all a natural color as I couldn't decide what color to dye it. I was browsing through some shawl photos on Ravelry and saw a handspun/hand dyed/hand knit shawl in a very ethereal blue, and I knew that was the color!

I decided that since I was going to knit it on rather large needles to make it airy, I wanted a mix of blues to give it some interest. So I got out my dye pots and my hi-tech dyes (You guessed it, Kool Aid) and went to work, with all appropriate mad scientist noises, of course, and here's what I got:

And here's a closer shot:

I was SO happy with the results! I will take more pictures when the skeins are finished drying - on such a windy day, it should be later today. I am going to do just a basic garter stitch shawl, on large needles, as I want to show off my yarn!

3. I told my rheumatologist that the neurontin not only wasn't working, it made me gain 10 freakin' pounds! Now I have lost 6 of the 10 again but sheeeeesh! I would put up with it if it lessened the pain or increased my sleep time or mobility, but it didn't do anything to help at all. So my rheumatologist agreed it was best to take me off it. I have to step down with this stuff, but I already feel a LOT less "zoned", and have a LOT more energy!

So there we go! A rare good and HAPPY day!

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