Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The shawl that wouldn't be made

I had already ripped out my hand spun, hand dyed Border Leicester Blues shawl as I didn't like plain garter stitch. Then I started my own "Easy Stockinette Shawl", which looked better but I still wasn't happy.

Then I looked at my progress. At nearly 120 sts, it should have been half done, but it wasn't. Then I saw that the new skein I joined in was practically fingering weight, as opposed to the first skein, which was sport/dk weight. Le sigh. I had used two different weights without noticing when I dyed them. To top it all off, I spit-spliced the two skeins, and I did such a good job, I can't find the splice. So sometime in the future I'll have to try to guess where it was by WPI (wraps per inch) or just eyeballing it. Le GRANDE sigh....lesson learned, but student VERY cheesed off.

So, I rooted through my stash (Yes, it did take the better part of the morning.) and found some Caron Simply Soft yarn in "Iris" (#9747) that looked to have about the right amount for a shawl. Yes, it's acrylic. Acrylic isn't necessarily synonymous with crap! As this will be either a house shawl for me or donated to charity, this needs to be easy care and not require blocking. Here it is getting under way:

And here it is after an hour or so:

If I can finish it without screwing it up again, more pics will follow!

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