Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Loot & A Card for Joanie

Dan took me to Michael's today and let me go wild - lucky for him, I have a low budget view of what constitutes "going wild"!

Here's my haul:

Left to Right: Steel lace hooks (Sizes 0-10, Lace hook size 12 (yes, that's very, very small) and a new knitting gauge/needle sizer.

Then I spotted this tatting shuttle and fell in lurve:

Isn't it beautiful? And on clearance for $3.00!

Now on to the card for Joanie. Joanie is my AA sponsor and a really great lady. So, I made her a little vase/trinket doily as a gift, and a card as well. I don't have anything to do with my mothers (yes, plural - one biological, one adopted, both nightmares), so on Mother's Day, I pick one or two women who have been positive, loving influences in my life and honor them instead. I do the same thing on Father's Day, for the same reason.

Here's the doily:

And here's the front of the card:

The inside stamp:

And my little heart/signature I finish every handmade card with:

(Sorry the card pics are a little blurry - my eyesight is getting pretty fuzzy.)