Monday, July 28, 2008

Think Pink!

I finished an All Shawl for ME!!! The details of the pattern can be found in this post. The yarn is Red Heart acrylic in "Petal Pink" and "Black". The hook is a U.S. "L" or 8 mm.

Here's the shawl:

And here's a close up of the border - the designer calls it "Strawberry Lace". The previous shawl I made with this pattern did not have the final row of the lace border because I ran out of yarn. This time, I had enough to put the lovely picot points on:

I really love how it turned out. Simple yet elegant! BIG shout out to Doris Chan for an amazingly versatile, gorgeous and FUN pattern!


Emma said...

Nice color combination, and beautifully done as always! Ich habe auch der liebe, mein mutter!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Pemma! Ich liebe du auch!

Sandy said...

Hopped over from Afgh for PRR, that I've recently rejoined. Reading a few things here this am sipping my coffee. Very pretty shawl, from the picture unsure, is it round or moon shaped? Love the lacey edge. Must follow your link for the pattern and check it out. On vacation at the moment so not spending much time on the net this wk.

Hope you'll swing by for a visit, welcome mats always out.


Sandy said...

Tried previosly to leave you a comment, not sure where it went.

Pretty shawl and trim, is it a moon or circle shape...unsure from the picture.

Hopped over from Afgh for PRR. Am on vacation this wk, so spending less time on the net; but wanted to stop in for a look and invite you to do the same. Welcome mats always out.


Sandy said...

errrr 3rd try to leave you a message, love the shawl and wonder if it is a circle folded over in the picture or a moon shape? Hopped over from Afgh for PRR.

Please stop in for a visit, the welcome mats always out,

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy!

Thanks for stopping by and for the compliments! It is in between a full circle and a moon - 3/4 round, I guess you'd call it. But it stays on my shoulders very well without needing to turn down an edge as you would for a full round.