Sunday, April 5, 2009


After making the pink & white hat, I realized I didn't really like it. It wasn't droopy enough for the snood/rasta hat look I was going for, I didn't like the alternating double & half double crochets, and I thought it needed a band to finish with, to make it look neater and stay put better. (You can see in the photos of me wearing the hats that the pink one has a wider band than the blue - the pink is the final version.)

Sooooo....I took hook in hand and designed my own, and am VERY pleased with the results! The pattern is quick and easy enough for all but an absolute beginner. I made the blue one Saturday, and the pink variegated one today. I will be writing the pattern up to sell on my new site at the end of this week, so stay tuned!

Here are the two I made this weekend:

And here they are on me:

I'm going to call the pattern "Isabella" after HRH Isabella of Spain:

P.S. Will be frogging the edge of the blue one to put on the wider band today. (Monday, 4/6/09)

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Rebecca said...

HRH is so beautiful! We used to have Kaiser Wilhelmina (a tabby), but sadly she passed away after 17 years of benevolent leadership.