Thursday, August 27, 2009

I have a new Wheel! to me, anyhow! See, I had this Ashford Traveller wheel and while I loved it, it hurt me to spin with it. The bottom of the wheel was to narrow, the angle was wrong for my back, etc....So it just sat in my living room, making us both sad.
Then a friend from a knitting meetup and my spinning guild said that she had an Ashford Traditional, and she wanted a double treadle wheel. They're almost exactly the same age, price, etc. We decided to meet this morning, introduce our wheels and see if a trade would work out for us. It did - I loved her wheel, and she loved mine! Here is my new wheel (Squeeeeee!):

And the Lazy Kate:

Close up of the flyer:

Close up of the wheel:

I am SO happy! It is SO much more comfortable for me to spin with! Now I need to buy some new fiber to go with the new wheel!

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