Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's Official, I have crocheted for Jay!

My new son in law, Jay, will be coming here with my daughter for Christmas. We've never met as he and my daughter met and married in the military, so this will be our first meeting, as well as his and Emma's 1st Christmas together. So, naturally, he'll need a Christmas sock! I made Emma's when she was a baby, natch. I finished Jay's this evening:

The details:
Yarn: Red Heart Classic, White and Jockey Red
Hook: Size "I" U.S. (5.5)

I hope he likes it! Also, I taught a class in spinning and weaving for the K-3 kids at my UU Church in Meriden, CT. It went really well, the kids and I had a blast. I crocheted a small shawl of yarn I spun myself to show them the whole process from sheep to shawl. Here's the shawl being modeled by HRH The Duke of York:

The Details:
Yarn: My own handspun yarn, roughly sport weight
Hook: Size "H" U.S. (5 mm)
Pattern: Just a little something I made up

I gave the shawl to one of the students in the class for her doll. I am teaching the older students how to spin with CD spindles in January...

I've also finished two Yule presents but I won't post pictures as I hated making them (they're for people to give to others and were NOT my idea!) Besides, they're both....ummm....naughty, and not for a G rated blog....In the past 3 weeks, I've finished 5 projects - 'tis the season indeed - the BUSY season for Yarn Hos!

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