Monday, February 11, 2008

Feeling Sheepish?

Then check out my latest handspun yarn:

The details:

Type/Breed: Wensleydale

Weight: 4.5 ounces (total of both skeins)

WPI: 12 (Dk/Sport weight)

Ply: 2 ply

Completed: 2/10/08

These are Wensleydale Sheep

And this is a close-up of their wool

It looks like the finished yarn should be kinky, too, doesn't it? Yet if you look again at the finished yarn, you can see that it isn't - most of the "kink" is lost during processing, the rest during spinning. Still, I love Wensleydale fiber! Long staple, spins like a dream, and is SO soft!


Kathleen C. said...

The finished yarn is of a grey-ish color... is that the roving's natural color? Just wondering because the sheep in the photo look more off white.
And, you did say that some of the curl is lost in the processing, but does the roving still have any of the kinky curl? That *would* be fun to spin!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathleen!

Yes, that's the fleece/roving's natural color. I had NO luck at all trying to find a photo of a gray Wensleydale! There was a slight kink to the roving, but not nearly as much as I thought there would be - still was fun to spin, though!

Anonymous said...

That yarn is absolutely, positively gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! :-)