Friday, February 15, 2008

Toe up socks, crochet-style

I've just started a pair of toe up socks, crocheted this time. Knitting is hurting my hands very badly at the moment - I have diabetic neuropathy pain in my hands as well as my feet.

My problem with most crocheted sock patters is that they are made from worsted weight yarn and are way too thick to wear in a shoe, clog or sandal. This pattern however, was written for sock weight yarn and an "F" (3.75 mm) hook. This makes them thin enough to wear with a shoe. They also are worked from the toe up, which makes it easy to adjust the fit as you go along. Another good thing, to me, is that they look a lot more like "normal", hand knitted socks. A lot of crocheted socks tend to look as clunky and awkward as they feel.

The pattern is called, "Ultimate Crocheted Socks" and they were designed by Dorothy Hardy at CrochetMe. Here's a piccy of sock #1 in progress:

The details:

Hook: Size "F" (3.75 mm)

Yarn: Lang Yarns "Jawoll", color 0059 "Navy Meliert (Marl)" #0059

Pattern: Ultimate Crocheted Socks

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