Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mail Call!

My Mother's Day shopping spree gift package came today! Emma & Jay gave me a gift certificate to Yarn Market (See the post before this for details). They both work weird hours, so I took pictures of the box opening so they could sort of be with me for it...

Here's the box (Address cleverly covered by my phone):

And here's the box opened, minus packing list:

Here's the Berrocco Pattern book, showing front & back covers (and a little bit of glare, sorry!):

Here is the Pink Tofutsies (colour # 735, "Twinkle Toes"):

And here's the green Tofutsies (colour #854):

The yarn feels sooooo soft and the colours are very vibrant & I love them! I am already plotting which project from the book to make first....drooool.

Thanks again, Emma & Jay!

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